Hello, and welcome to “Showreel Relics”. Collecting production made/screen-used props, wardrobe & ephemera is my passion! I am interested in just about anything related to the making of motion picture films & television shows. I have a wonderfully patient partner and two amazing children who support my hobby. I’ve been collecting for more years than I care to remember!

Welcome to "Showreel Relics". My story
Welcome about me
My mum with Gregory Peck’s (Father Mapple’s) Bowsprit Pulpit Crucifix Moby Dick (1998)

I credit my parents, especially my mum, for my love of the screen. She had a rich encyclopedic knowledge of cinema and we’d spend many hours discussing motion pictures. Mum would share countless stories. She was my go-to person for actor’s names, film titles, director’s bios and film quotes long before (and even after) google arrived.

Growing up, I was that child / teenager in the cinema who never left until after the closing credits ended. The number of talented people involved in motion picture production amazed and inspired me. The artisans building the props, designing the sets, producing the storyboards, etc.

To me, collecting production used items is more than just having something seen on screen or “touched” by a star. It’s also about celebrating the behind-the-scenes creativity and processes. The thousands of hours and the hundreds of talented people who contribute to bringing us that ninety-odd minutes of entertainment. My dear mum passed on the same day Sir Roger Moore passed (coincidentally, the same age). I would like to dedicate this website to her memory.

What This Site Is About


My aim here at Showreel Relics is to “show real relics”. In other words, genuine production used pieces. I will regularly post updates on the blog, I’ll certainly share items I have in my collection. But, importantly, I will include context & history to the pieces.

If you have an interest in film & television prop collecting, production made & used items, or appreciate the work involved in putting together television shows & motion pictures, I hope you’ll join in.

Welcome to "Showreel Relics"

Besides production used pieces, I also collect vintage cinema & theatre items – including promotion, publicity and advertising memorabilia. I stick with genuine pieces only! I don’t collect reproduction or replica items.

The items in my collection I research meticulously for provenance. The pieces I collect are all sourced through trusted contacts, and many times are directly from crew members involved in the productions the pieces originated from.

Things To Do

Let's get busy.

I invite you to browse the site and make contact. Leave a comment or a suggestion for future articles. Please check out my YourProps page, which contains some items I currently have in my collection. Please consider subscribing, above all It’s free and periodically, I even offer subscriberschance to win genuine production used items in free draws.

Welcome to "Showreel Relics"

Yes, I also have an ebay store where I list lots of bargain-priced pieces for sale from time to time.

Hints, Tips & Guides

Hints & tips

If you’re new to prop collecting, I have written the following guides packed with hints and tips that I wish I’d known at the beginning.

Welcome to "Showreel Relics"

More guides will be added as time permits. I hope the content is helpful. I don’t run advertisements on the site but If you do get something from the guides, you may want to please buy me a coffee!

Thank You

Thank you.

So again, welcome to “Showreel Relics”. I thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope you enjoy the site.

Oh, and if you have any items you think may interest me? My contact page is here. I am always looking to add pieces to my ever growing collection.

Stuart D. Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Welcome to "Showreel Relics" Stu.
Welcome to "Showreel Relics".
My ever vigilant “Guard Dog” Valerie