Best Cheap Coin Frames

The best and cheapest prop coin frame!

I have long been a believer of not spending more on a display than I paid for the actual prop I’m displaying! So, it thrilled me to find these excellent cheap coin frames!

Often in this hobby, getting a display right, means outlaying serious cash, especially for larger items. But let’s face it, even the cost of small shadow boxes and neat perspex cases will add up if you have multiples of smaller pieces you want to show off.

I love collecting production used prop coins, and I’m proud of the number and variations I have acquired. However, with the exception of a few very special ones, the rest have been sitting unceremoniously in cigar boxes. I never got around to doing much with them. This has changed since discovering these “floating” suspension frames.

Best Cheap Coin Frames
My POTC coins in “floating” frames. Best cheap coin frames.

Maybe you already know about them (I’m usually late to the party). To me, they’re a revelation when it comes to displaying coins and small jewellery pieces. The flexible membrane is surprisingly strong and once snapped shut, will hold pieces even with considerable depth. For coins, they’re brilliant! Check out the pic (above) with some of my “Pirates of the Caribbean” coins safely housed & ready to display.

The frames can be used over & over, but best of all, they’re so cheap! So if your collection has small items that you really want to display with both sides visible, these could be just what you need!

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