Speaking Of History

I don’t know about your hometown, but mine (Brisbane, Australia), has long since seen the back of Drive-in Cinemas. With the exception of a couple of very far away still barely operating locations, skyrocketing land values have progressively pushed these once common suburban staples off the map.

Starlight (Aspley) Drive-in

The Place To Be

Those of a certain age understand what a key part of their life the humble drive-in theatre played. As a teenager, when there was nowhere else to go, you could rely on the local drive-in cinema – to entertain you, feed you, show off your ride and provide a courting venue. All this while listening to tinny sound & risking car door/window damage with those dodgy speakers!

Starlight Drive-in Speakers

In addition to collecting production used motion picture & television items, I have a passion for historical theatre pieces. I recently had the opportunity to add these genuine drive-in speakers to my collection.

Starlight Drive-in Speakers

The speakers (and pole) belonged to the “Starlight” Aspley drive-in cinema. The Starlight operated from 1957 to 2002 & was the last outdoor “big screen” to close in Brisbane.

Starlight Drive-in Tickets

If you get a chance to own a set of drive-in speakers, consider grabbing them! They take up a surprisingly small amount of space. These speakers display beautifully in a media room. They can be hooked up to operate as originally intended or even modified as blue tooth devices.

Starlight Drive-in Closure Press Report.

As a fast disappearing piece of social history, they make for a great collector piece.

Great Fun!