Moving Blues

I am learning that nothing better illustrates your love, care and attention to your cherished collection, or the importance you place on it than when you’re moving house.

We are currently in the process of house moving. I doubt I’ve ever felt such an attachment to my pieces than what I’m currently feeling. I have some off-site storage for most of my items, but still have a significant number of favourite pieces in the home and it’s these items I’ve been fretting over.

We have given ourselves almost a month to complete the move. I’ll need much of that time to ensure safe passage for my pieces. Home removalists are welcome to pack up and transport my furniture & other belongings. But I draw the line at letting anyone else package, transport and move my collection.

Is it just me? I’m interested to know how others cope. Truth is, I’m really feeling anxious – something I very rarely feel! On the flip side, I wonder how the new neighbours feel as a seemingly endless array of strange & unusual items & are off-loaded by “those strange people from across the street”.

But seriously, the realization that we, as collectors, are merely temporary custodians of the wonderful & amazing items we all collect is very strong with me right now. I won’t rest until the move is completed and everything is safely re-housed.

Stay well.