Production Used Kryten Head From Red Dwarf

Production used Kryten head from the hugely successful BBC TV series Red Dwarf. Robert Llewellyn played the role of Kryten, a “series III mechanoid” in all but the first appearance of the character. This is a static head & one of several used in the series. In the storyline, these were supposedly spare heads for the mechanoid.

Robert Llewellyn subsequently reprised the role of Kryten in the unsuccessful pilot episode of the US version of Red Dwarf.

The detail on the fiberglass head is exceptional, and it’s certainly a “statement” piece.

Red Dwarf Kryten Spare Head
Red Dwarf Kryten Spare Head

Best guess is that the head is from season seven episode six “Beyond a Joke“. It’s an identical sculpt to the heads featured in that episode. I suspect it may be the head lying on the ground after “Able” (servant mechanoid to the rogue simulant captain) removes his head, attacks and knocks out his simulant master.

I’m always on the lookout for more production used Red Dwarf pieces. Kryten sits nicely with my screen used “Nowt On Telly” magazine which featured in “Back to Earth” (2009).

Screen Used “Nowt On Telly” magazine Red Dwarf (2009)

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