Jackie Chan Inexpensive Screen Used Prop Pieces

By far, the most common question asked of me is “why are screen used props so expensive?“. Props especially those used by the stars of any production, are always the most sort after (read expensive) category of motion picture memorabilia. That’s not so say that owning a “piece” of a key film prop is out of reach and in fact can sometimes be acquired quite inexpensively. Just like these Jackie Chan inexpensive screen used prop swatch pieces!

Silks from Steel

I have a limited number of pieces (each piece approx 12″ x 12″) of Jackie Chan’s (special agent Lin Dong) screen used aerial silks from the action sci-fi movie Bleeding Steel (2017).

I was very fortunate to acquire the two aerial silks used in the “Opera House” stage fight sequence. Jackie Chan as Special Agent Lin Dong squares off with the “Woman in Black” (Tess Haubrich) and her henchmen. A terrific scene with Jackie doing some amazing stunt moves with these silks.

The offer is for a (at least) 12″ x 12″ (30cm x 30cm approx) piece of one of Jackie Chan’s screen used aerial silks from the movie. Check out this official Bleeding Steel trailer, which features Jackie using the silks (from 1.09).

Limited number 12″ x 12″ pieces

Please note: This fabric has a tendency to “curl” at the edge when cut, so each piece has been very generously cut to compensate, offering a good size piece to make an outstanding display.

As fans know, “Screen used” Jackie Chan film props are notoriously hard to find despite his massive body of work spanning the last fifty-eight years.

Check it out!

How often do you get the chance to own an inexpensive screen used piece that’s central to one of Jackie Chan’s brilliant stunt sequences?

If you would like to take advantage of this offer for these “Jackie Chan Inexpensive Screen Used Prop Pieces” please check my ebay store. If there’s none available, message me and I’ll endeavour to prepare a few more.

I will keep one silk completely intact, which will remain as part of my own collection, so there is a very limited number of these pieces available.

The price (at the time of writing) is $32 (Australian dollars) plus shipping.


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Lost World Tree House Chairs

The Lost World tree house chairs (1999-2002)

During a trip to pick up some props in the Gold Coast hinterland, almost by accident, I discovered these brilliant pieces. Tucked away in a storage facility were these wonderful. I certainly had to add them to my collection.

The Lost World (1999-2002) television series was based on Conan Doyle’s 1912 novel. Coote-Hayes Productions filmed the popular series on the Gold Coast (QLD, Australia).
Jennifer O’Dell, Peter McCauley, Rachel Blakely, William Snow, David Orth & Michael Sinelnikoff played the principal characters. In addition, lots more great local Australian talent appeared in the series.

These three Screen-matched, unique production made chairs graced Veronica’s (Jennifer O’Dell) “tree house” and were used extensively. For example, characters had been “tied up” in them & in each episode’s closing scene we saw the main cast seated on these chairs at the table. They are showing significant signs of wear & some structural damage, but remain instantly recognisable. They had been in storage for a considerable time, and not too far from the studio where the series was originally filmed.

Lost World Tree House Chairs
The Lost World Tree House Chairs

Hat’s not all, folks!

Along with the chairs, I found this very cool helmet. Screen worn by a Hikari warrior in season one, episode twelve (Tribute). It remains in very good condition. I believe the show “Beastmaster” (1999-2002) re-purposed and used some of these helmets.

Hikari Warrior Helmet
Hikari Warrior Helmet

At the time of writing, this Hikari Warrior helmet is available in my ebay store for anyone who would like their own screen used production piece of The Lost World.

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Have Fun!

Moby Dick Bowsprit Crucifix

Moby Dick bowsprit crucifix from the 1998 mini series starring screen greats, Patrick Stewart and Gregory Peck.

Gregory Peck‘s portrayal of Father Mapple came about over forty years after playing Captain Ahab in John Huston‘s 1956 cinema classic.

Moby Dick bowsprit crucifix

Peck’s powerful final on-screen role consequently earned him a “Best Supporting Actor” Golden Globe award.

Bowsprit crucifix. Moby Dick (1998).
Bowsprit crucifix close up

This one-of-a-kind piece, made of solid timber, appeared in the church and can clearly be seen during the powerful sermon scene.

Moby Dick bowsprit crucifix. Gregory Peck 1998 Father Mapple's sermon.
Gregory Peck as Father Mapple
Moby Dick bowsprit crucifix. Gregory Peck 1998
Gregory Peck – sermon

I was fortunate to pick this up from a collector who was making some space. It was separated from the rest of the pulpit (which was massive). The collector had (up until that point), Queequeg’s (Piripi Waretini) coffin. I unfortunately missed out on that!

Despite Gregory Peck’s vast body of work, there’s surprisingly little out there in the way of production items. Little wonder I’m thrilled to own a piece like this that shared some screen time with a film legend!

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Production Used Kryten Head From Red Dwarf

Production used Kryten head from the hugely successful BBC TV series Red Dwarf. Robert Llewellyn played the role of Kryten, a “series III mechanoid” in all but the first appearance of the character. This is a static head & one of several used in the series. In the storyline, these were supposedly spare heads for the mechanoid.

Robert Llewellyn subsequently reprised the role of Kryten in the unsuccessful pilot episode of the US version of Red Dwarf.

The detail on the fiberglass head is exceptional, and it’s certainly a “statement” piece.

Red Dwarf Kryten Spare Head
Red Dwarf Kryten Spare Head

Best guess is that the head is from season seven episode six “Beyond a Joke“. It’s an identical sculpt to the heads featured in that episode. I suspect it may be the head lying on the ground after “Able” (servant mechanoid to the rogue simulant captain) removes his head, attacks and knocks out his simulant master.

I’m always on the lookout for more production used Red Dwarf pieces. Kryten sits nicely with my screen used “Nowt On Telly” magazine which featured in “Back to Earth” (2009).

Screen Used “Nowt On Telly” magazine Red Dwarf (2009)

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M:i-2 Mission:Impossible-2 Press Kit

M:i-2 Mission:Impossible-2 Press Kit. It looks new! However, it’s now 20 years since M:i-2 Mission: Impossible-2 (2000) opened in cinemas across the United States. The second instalment in the franchise. M:i-2 certainly won at the box office, and as a result, became the highest grossing film of 2000. The film remains director John Woo‘s highest grossing film to date. Showreel Relics is happy to present….

An entire M:i-2 Mission:Impossible-2 Press Kit. In other words, press kit from the film’s Australian cinema release. Stored away for two decades and unused, original and complete! It comprises the original production folder, production notes and in addition, a pristine pack of production stills. All in remarkably good condition!

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M:i-2 Press Kit Mission:Impossible-2
Media / press kit M:i-2 Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)