Lost World Tree House Chairs

The Lost World tree house chairs (1999-2002)

During a trip to pick up some props in the Gold Coast hinterland, almost by accident, I discovered these brilliant pieces. Tucked away in a storage facility were these wonderful. I certainly had to add them to my collection.

The Lost World (1999-2002) television series was based on Conan Doyle’s 1912 novel. Coote-Hayes Productions filmed the popular series on the Gold Coast (QLD, Australia).
Jennifer O’Dell, Peter McCauley, Rachel Blakely, William Snow, David Orth & Michael Sinelnikoff played the principal characters. In addition, lots more great local Australian talent appeared in the series.

These three Screen-matched, unique production made chairs graced Veronica’s (Jennifer O’Dell) “tree house” and were used extensively. For example, characters had been “tied up” in them & in each episode’s closing scene we saw the main cast seated on these chairs at the table. They are showing significant signs of wear & some structural damage, but remain instantly recognisable. They had been in storage for a considerable time, and not too far from the studio where the series was originally filmed.

Lost World Tree House Chairs
The Lost World Tree House Chairs

Hat’s not all, folks!

Along with the chairs, I found this very cool helmet. Screen worn by a Hikari warrior in season one, episode twelve (Tribute). It remains in very good condition. I believe the show “Beastmaster” (1999-2002) re-purposed and used some of these helmets.

Hikari Warrior Helmet
Hikari Warrior Helmet

At the time of writing, this Hikari Warrior helmet is available in my ebay store for anyone who would like their own screen used production piece of The Lost World.

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Have Fun!