Shipping Update – Great News!

Showreel Relics’ ebay store is happy to announce this freight update and some great news as we resume shipping to selected international destinations.

Delays are still inevitable in some locations, but our carriers report improvements daily.

Now Shipping to US, UK, Japan & NZ

Shipping Update – Great News!! We have resumed shipping to the US, UK, Japan and NZ with more countries to follow in coming days/weeks. If your neck of the woods is not yet included, please contact me. I can provide you with an update, estimated time frame and “heads up” on future inclusions.

Please note, while I rejoice knowing that air parcel deliveries are speeding up, there’s still a long way to go. I cannot resume shipping where carriers are forced to use sea mail, it’s just too long a wait.

All parcels carry a tracking number for your peace of mind.

A Heads-Up! – Production Made Box from Se7en (1995)

I will continue to monitor advice and I expect worldwide shipping to recommence very soon.

In the meantime, check out my yourprops page to see more of my collection – including, for example, a production made box from Se7en (1995).

Above all, please stay safe, and thank you for your continued patience.


Covid-19 Shipping Update

Showreel Relics’ Covid-19 Shipping Update. Showreel Relicsebay site decided on restricting international shipping during the worst of the pandemic. We made this difficult judgement as a result of delays experienced with international carriers. For example, in some cases up to 35 days from Australia to the US. We are constantly monitoring advice from our carriers and will lift restrictions as soon as possible. Already, we are seeing some positive signs and I hope to provide a further update with pleasant news during this next week.

Please stay safe, and I look forward to offering everyone some impressive deals on lots of great production used pieces very soon!

Thank you for your patience,


Covid-19 Shipping Update
The Great Gatsby (2013). Screen Used Newspaper.


Great News! Covid-19 Shipping Update! We have resumed shipping to the US, UK, Japan and NZ. Hopefully, more countries to follow in coming days/weeks.

Latest here! I will continue to post updates.

Stay safe.