Screen Used Salvage Tug. Ghost Ship (2002)

Presenting the Ghost Ship (2002) Screen Used Salvage Tug “Arctic Warrior“. I have always loved this film. Above all, it has one of the most effective horror film intro sequences in modern cinema. I was, as a result, excited at the prospect of owning this piece. Aware the previous owner had it sitting in his yard was concerning. However, firstly, I can’t abide seeing amazing pieces like this just left to rot away. Second, I figured how bad could it be? I gravely underestimated its poor condition.

Plans Sunk!

I had originally anticipated it would require “some” restoration. But, I expected it would not be in quite as bad a shape. I was wrong! What I discovered was a complete wreck! For example, Lots of warping and separation of the upper panels and hull. Much of the detailing had loosened & fallen off. It’s a real shame but, a full restoration was not feasible. The boat was in such a dire state, and requiring such extensive renovation and subsequently, little of the original would have remained.

All of the vessel’s sections were damaged, loose and brittle from years of neglect and as a result of prolonged exposure to the elements in a Brisbane backyard. I could however screen match the boat to the pyro (explosion) sinking scene. The cutaway section (aft) is a definite screen match. I guess that sequence alone contributed to a fair amount of production damage. I discovered further clues. For example, still present, were wiring & bulbs so lighting & power was active at some time during production.

Please check out the video (below) I shot it, in short, to record the boat’s condition after bringing her home.

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Miniature Filming Vessel “Arctic Warrior” from Ghost Ship (2002).
Closer look at the damaged “Arctic Warrior” miniature filming vessel from Ghost Ship (2002)

Screen-Used Prop Bollard A Little Piece Of Asgard

Direct from the film set of “Asgard” is this screen-used prop bollard. Custom made, it appeared as part of the set decoration in the blockbuster motion picture Thor: Ragnarok (2017). Fashioned on the styling of ancient quayside bollards, these were part of the set design.

For example, the Asgard Piazza set incorporated a man-made canal and positioned along its length, were several of these bollards.

Hundreds of workers contributed to building the Piazza and the additional 35 sets during filming at Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast.

The cast enjoyed an increased level of realism due to these Impressive sets. All the studio sound stages were required for filming.

First, the bollard looks exceptional, standing approximately 21″ (53cm) high. Second, the resin construction makes it lightweight, but above all, solid. Originally connected at the base, it does however display some minor production wear. For instance, where it was bolted. Most importantly, however, it remains in overall good condition.

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screen-used prop bollard