Moby Dick Bowsprit Crucifix

Moby Dick bowsprit crucifix from the 1998 mini series starring screen greats, Patrick Stewart and Gregory Peck.

Gregory Peck‘s portrayal of Father Mapple came about over forty years after playing Captain Ahab in John Huston‘s 1956 cinema classic.

Moby Dick bowsprit crucifix

Peck’s powerful final on-screen role consequently earned him a “Best Supporting Actor” Golden Globe award.

Bowsprit crucifix. Moby Dick (1998).
Bowsprit crucifix close up

This one-of-a-kind piece, made of solid timber, appeared in the church and can clearly be seen during the powerful sermon scene.

Moby Dick bowsprit crucifix. Gregory Peck 1998 Father Mapple's sermon.
Gregory Peck as Father Mapple
Moby Dick bowsprit crucifix. Gregory Peck 1998
Gregory Peck – sermon

I was fortunate to pick this up from a collector who was making some space. It was separated from the rest of the pulpit (which was massive). The collector had (up until that point), Queequeg’s (Piripi Waretini) coffin. I unfortunately missed out on that!

Despite Gregory Peck’s vast body of work, there’s surprisingly little out there in the way of production items. Little wonder I’m thrilled to own a piece like this that shared some screen time with a film legend!

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The Man Who Would Be King Script & Battle Plan

“The Man Who Would Be King”. My production used script & battle plan.

I certainly credit my dearly adored and greatly missed mum for my love of the screen. She had above all others I know, a rich encyclopedic knowledge of cinema. She would share with me the films, the stars, the directors & tons of interesting stories. So consequently Mum was my go-to person for actor’s names, film titles, director’s bios and film quotes long before (and even after) google arrived. I therefore thought it fitting that immediately after the scattering of mum’s ashes, I was on my way to Sydney (20 hour round trip) to pick up what have become two of my favourite production used pieces.

John Huston and Captain Richard (Dicky) Drew-Smythe

Captain Richard (Dicky) Drew-Smythe, an ex-British Indian Army and Gurkha Battalion military expert, supervised the battle scenes for “The Man Who Would Be King” (1975). Capt. Drew-Smythe worked closely with director John Huston and the two reportedly formed a bond of friendship and deep respect during filming.

Bashkai Battle Plan

I acquired Capt. Drew-Smythe’s personal production used script full of annotations. Many of these notations are unmistakably John Huston’s. In addition, I acquired a huge production drawn “battle plan” used in choreographing the Bashkai battle scenes.

On completion of filming, cast and crew presented the “Battle Plan” to Capt. Richard (Dickie) Drew-Smythe in recognition of his contribution & friendship during filming.

Cast and crew certainly had a fondness for Capt. Drew-Smythe as evidenced in their personal written & signed comments. Including, for example, John Huston, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Saeed Jaffrey, Shakira Caine, Gladys Hill & many others.

Battle of Bashkai battle plan
Battle of Bashkai Battle Plan with the cast & crew’s personal messages to Captain Drew-Smythe
Capt. Drew-Smythe’s personal script
John Huston & Capt. Drew Smythe on location in Morocco during filming.

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