The Man Who Would Be King Script & Battle Plan

“The Man Who Would Be King”. My production used script & battle plan.

I certainly credit my dearly adored and greatly missed mum for my love of the screen. She had above all others I know, a rich encyclopedic knowledge of cinema. She would share with me the films, the stars, the directors & tons of interesting stories. So consequently Mum was my go-to person for actor’s names, film titles, director’s bios and film quotes long before (and even after) google arrived. I therefore thought it fitting that immediately after the scattering of mum’s ashes, I was on my way to Sydney (20 hour round trip) to pick up what have become two of my favourite production used pieces.

John Huston and Captain Richard (Dicky) Drew-Smythe

Captain Richard (Dicky) Drew-Smythe, an ex-British Indian Army and Gurkha Battalion military expert, supervised the battle scenes for “The Man Who Would Be King” (1975). Capt. Drew-Smythe worked closely with director John Huston and the two reportedly formed a bond of friendship and deep respect during filming.

Bashkai Battle Plan

I acquired Capt. Drew-Smythe’s personal production used script full of annotations. Many of these notations are unmistakably John Huston’s. In addition, I acquired a huge production drawn “battle plan” used in choreographing the Bashkai battle scenes.

On completion of filming, cast and crew presented the “Battle Plan” to Capt. Richard (Dickie) Drew-Smythe in recognition of his contribution & friendship during filming.

Cast and crew certainly had a fondness for Capt. Drew-Smythe as evidenced in their personal written & signed comments. Including, for example, John Huston, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Saeed Jaffrey, Shakira Caine, Gladys Hill & many others.

Battle of Bashkai battle plan
Battle of Bashkai Battle Plan with the cast & crew’s personal messages to Captain Drew-Smythe
Capt. Drew-Smythe’s personal script
John Huston & Capt. Drew Smythe on location in Morocco during filming.

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