DIY Your Own Movie Star Lamp For Around $20

Make Your Own Movie Star Lamp For Around $20!

Make Your Own Movie Star Lamp For Around $20
Holy Illumination, Batman!

DIY Your Own Movie Star Lamp For Around $20!

An easy, totally unique hand painted lamp that anyone can make!

The only skill needed is the ability to trace an outline!

Something To Pass The Time.

So, following an accident and finding myself with lots of time while recuperating, I came up with this neat idea for decorating children’s rooms / media rooms or to use as a great Halloween decoration!

Great For A Themed Look!
Great For A Themed Look!

The only limit is your imagination!

What characters will you put on your lamp?

Make Your Own Movie Star Lamp For Around $20
TV Movies & Music Themes.

These are very cheap to make (at around $20) and would make great gifts, or maybe they could be useful for a market stall seller.

The lamp is the IKEA GRÖNÖ (around ten bucks at my local IKEA store).

Materials needed

  • IKEA GRÖNÖ lamp (or similar).
  • Paint Pens – I like the uni POSCA paint pens – they give great results. I use a Fine & Extra Fine.
  • Your choice of images.


Get the images you would like to use. You will need a “high contrast”, Silhouette type image – there are heaps online. If you can’t locate one you like, you can make your own high contrast silhouette image by selecting a black-and-white picture & using your paint (or similar) program to adjust (increase) both the brightness and contrast.

Size and print out your picture.

Trim your picture to fit the lamp panel.

Place the picture on the inside of the lamp panel & stuff the lamp with a
tea towel to force the image to sit flush up against the glass.

Trace around the picture’s dark outline.

Fill in all the dark areas and remove the image & tea towel.

Repeat on as many panels of your lamp as you would like.
I chose three panels & left the back one (facing the wall) blank.
With three panels, you can make a nice theme

And that’s how you DIY Your Own Movie Star Lamp For Around $20.

Congratulations! You now have your very own one-of-kind, hand painted lamp!


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